I’m a Crypt-ster

I can’t decide if I’m too old for this or not old enough. For a while there I was starting to convince myself that I was getting to old for this music business. A pretty depressing thought.

I believe that I have come to the realization that I’m just not old enough.

You see when you’re a kid through your twenties you tend to be too concerned with parties and getting some girly action. Then, when you do have time you are either sleeping one off or having an immature fight with your equally immature girlfriend. Granted, this makes for great song fodder, but is not all that helpful in the productivity department.

Then in late twenties we have families. I think that it’s probably obvious why much doesn’t get done for the next eighteen or so years.

Finally they leave and you can have the option to spend the rest of your life properly pursuing rock and roll. You’ll be too old and ugly for anyone to care, bit in my case this doesn’t matter cuz I was old and ugly at about twenty two.
So I have rock and roll hopes. Let’s just hope people remember what rock n roll is by then.