Kill Me in the AM by Freddy Diablo and his Victims

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Daniel Dread is a supernatural hunter and detective who, with the help of Rufus and Sophie, explore strange cases in the audiodrama from Mark Slade.

Lothar Tuppin voice acts Daniel Dread. Lothar Tuppin voice acts Daniel Dread. Pete Lutz voice acts Ellison. Tanja Milojevic voice acts Sophie. Matt Weller voice acts Rufus. Drew Profit voice acts Alex Simon and Moloch. Austin Beach voice acts Tiki and Troll. Marilee Robinson voice acts Mrs. Jensen. Kessi Rilinki voice acts Woman. Atticus Jackson voice acts Mr. Jeffcoat.

Music by Chancey Hayworth.

Created and developed by Mark Slade and Lothar Tuppin. Written by Mark Slade.

Produced, Directed, Edited, and Sound Design by Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design

The Theme to Danial Dread